Subscription Plan

25M text credits

$300,000.00 monthly

Your preferred area code for phone numbers that we acquire to send your texts from on your behalf.
When customer subscribe via text EchoBack will include this information in a one-time opt-in confirmation text.
By subscribing you are agreeing to the Website Terms of Service as well as the SMS Terms of Service.

To comply with FCC regulations EchoBack Clients are required to attain written consent (opt-in) to send text messages to each phone number they enter into EchoBack. All Recipients must have agreed that Client may send them marketing text messages and Recipient should be informed of the frequency that text messages will be sent. Any account that sends unsolicited text messages will be terminated and the remaining credits will be expired. No refunds will be made for the unused portion of text credits. Plain and simple, don't SPAM and don't send unsolicited texts.